Capitalising on the phenomenon that is Sir Chris Hoy, the “Hoybot” imagines a fantasy world in which Britain’s greatest Olympian could be, in fact, a cyborg created by Nissan.
The story is being used as an exciting and entertaining way of showcasing Nissan’s prowess in innovative vehicle design and technology.

The “Hoybot film” launched in cinemas during one of the most anticipated films of the year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, during which time it was predicted to achieve in excess of 2.4 million admissions.

Those who downloaded the ‘Cinime’ app also received an interactive “Hoybot” graphic novel. The novel allowed users
to navigate their own way through the story, making key decisions as to which path to take by activating Hoybot’s fantastical features, which are inspired by Nissan technologies such as Blind Spot Warning and Moving Object Detection, to overcome obstacles.


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